Five games from TecToy you must play you will not regret

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Street Fighter II
Master System

With Stefano’s lovely story about impressing the Capcom executive fresh in our minds, we can look at this Master System port with fresh eyes. There are large sprites, decent music, all the fighters are present and correct, and the brawling controls well on a two-button pad. This is highly collectible, especially if you are a Street Fighter aficionado.

Turma da Monica na Terra dos Monstros
Master Syste

It’s Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap with a different protagonist, armed with a rabbit instead of a sword. It may be in Portuguese but the classic gameplay is present – including the hidden secrets and transformations. Mônica No Castelo Do Dragão (aka Wonder Boy In Monster Land) is also worth playing.

Baku Baku Animal Master System

Sega’s puzzler feels at home on the Master System, complete with cute cutscenes. If you haven’t played it before, pairs of symbols drop into the playing area representing food and animals. Animals will eat their food (panda eats bamboo, for example) to clear it, sending extra tiles to your opponent.

Duke Nukem 3D
Mega Drive

3D Realms did not think a Mega Drive version of its epic first-person shooter was possible, but TecToy managed to achieve it. Alright, when compared to the PC original, the levels are simpler and less
populated, and the graphics use an interlaced effect to maintain
speed – but it is still fun to chew bubblegum and kick alien ass.

Show do Milhão
Mega Drive

It may seem odd to recommend a quiz game in another language, but this is still eminently playable as you guess the answers. What this entry celebrates is TecToy’s achievement of bringing new Mega Drive games out in the Noughties, and its ambitious plans for an interactive TV show.

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