Next level gaming a taste of what you’ll be playing on the next

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DEV: Software Amusements
ETA: Out now

The latest Next release from the prolific Adrian Cummings seems like a Bubble Bobble clone, but it plays more sort of a straight platform shooter. There’s many lovely colour and a few nice tunes bring the game to life, and it should convince be an honest go-to game if you’re trying to find two-player larks.

DEV: Rusty Pixels
ETA: February

One of the best known Next titles thanks to it being demoed at various retro shows. It plays like a mash-up of Jetpac and HERO, with your friend and miner Baggers having to explore lethal caverns in search of fuel to power his ship. No doubt this will be one of the first games Next owners test.

DEV: Rusty Pixels
ETA: March

Shmup fans are sure to love this update of the old C64 game that has been given a Next makeover by original coder Flash and the guys at Rusty Pixels. It features 20 levels of frantic blasting action and some massive bosses to obliterate. It’s also very fast, showcasing
the power of the Next.

ETA: Spring

This stretch goal game is expected to be available not long after launch and is looking to be as good as – if not better than – the NES version on which it’s based. It manages full-color, fullscreen scrolling with ease, and should be another title to amply demo the Next’s gaming capabilities.

DEV: Evgeniy Barskiy et al
ETA: Summer

One of the most anticipated releases is this new Dizzy adventure designed by The Oliver Twins. However, the game is being developed for the Spectrum 128 and we’re told that only some elements will be enhanced for the Next. Still, with 67 rooms to explore it’ll hopefully be absolutely brilliant!

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