The LEGO Nintendo Console Has An Amazing Hidden Secret Now you’re playing with power and bricks

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Here’s something that’ll punch you right in the nostalgia gland (it’s a real organ, look it up) – a LEGO NES! Any way you look at it this is a stunning recreation; the colours and design are just spot on, and with a game cartridge and functional slot for it to be inserted, you’d swear you could almost actually play the thing. POWERED UP: The included
retro TV set is actually a mechanical scene with a handle on the side that you can wind to roll the level across while the Mario figure jumps and plays through it. As an added bonus, if you happen to have the LEGO Mario from the LEGO Mario Super Starter Course, you can put him in the top of the TV to bring the scrolling level to life with sound effects! PLAYED OUT: More expensive and less playable than the NES mini.

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